• Every Sunday Liturgy commences at 10:00am
  • First Saturday of each month 6:00pm Vespers in English followed by a short lecture in the School Hall
  • If you are celebrating Slava please contact Fr Sasa to make arrangements.





6th Friday St George’s Day Holy Liturgy at 7am. Cutting of Kolac at 6.30am or after 8.15am.

12th Thursday St Basil of Ostrog Holy Liturgy at 7am.

13th Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am

17th Thursday Ascension of the Lord Holy Liturgy 9am

20th Sunday Holy Liturgy at 10am

24th Wednesday St Cyril and St Methodius Holy Liturgy at 9am

27th Sunday Pentecost Holy Liturgy at 10am

28th Monday of Pentecost Liturgy at 9am


3rd Sunday St Constantine and St Helen Holy Liturgy at 10am.

4th Monday Commencement of St Peter and St Paulk Fast

10th Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am

17th Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am

24th Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am

28th Thursday Vidovdan St Knez Lazar Liturgy will be served at St Lazarus Church Renwick St Alexandria


1st Sunday Holy Liturgy at 10am.

7th Saturday Birth of St John the Baptist Holy Liturgy 9am

8th Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am

12th Thursday Feast Day of St Peter and St Paul Holy Liturgy 9am

22nd Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am

29th Sunday Holy Liturgy 10am


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Photo of our Church Interior Photo by Liz Ham

StSava ProCathedral


DRONE FOOTAGE video on YouTube

Special thanks to Brendan Abbott from IMPACT AERIALS, who filmed and designed a short video clip on our Church. Also, technical assistance by Jeffrey Wang and Simeon Lukich. Great job Brendan! If you need Drone footage for your next video project please contact Brendan at IMPACT AERIALS 0400 286886.



ARCHIVE Sermons and Lectures

Bible Studies – In an effort to improve our spiritual growth we include weekly sermons from Sunday Liturgy. Please read and pass on to others. Sermons are in English and Serbian.

Easter 2017 – Васкрс 2017

Lazarus Saturday

Fourth Sunday of Great Lent

Second Sunday of Great Lent

Sunday of Orthodoxy

Forgiveness Sunday

Meatfare Sunday

Prodigal Son

Publican and the Pharasee

St Sava – A Nobleman in Christ

32nd week after Pentecost Sermon 32

Sunday after Theophany

Prior to Theophany

28th week after Pentecost Sermon 28

27th week after Pentecost Sermon 27

26th week after Pentecost